Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001

Ary Sarkar is an entrepreneurial business leader with extensive experience as a host and event organizer. As a respected member of the Indian community Ary Sarkar co-hosted the glamorous Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 competition held in Fremont, California on March 18, 2001.

This competition is significant because it provides South Asians with the opportunity to display and enhance their talents, the image of the South Asian community, and their self-esteem. Indian couples are selected based on their wealth of talent, wisdom, and enthusiasm for involvement in the Indian community. The selection process is highly competitive for the winners because judges also score the couples on their ability to work as a team.

Ary Sarkar Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001

Ary Sarkar co-hosted the glamorous Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 competition

The evening of the Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 competition began with all 32 semi-finalists introducing themselves to the audience and dancing in the opening number of the show. The main pageant of the evening started with the traditional segment where participants had to show off their best strut on the catwalk. Shortly after, the audience was entertained by singing, dancing, and acting during the talent segment of the competition. The San Francisco 49ers then performed a hip-hop dance routine prior to the awards ceremony for the pageant’s sponsors. As an advocate of the Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 competition, Ary Sarkar, the then President of IG2000, decided to sponsor the pageant winners. The winning contestants would each receive a brand new IG2000 computer. Ary Sarkar was therefore presented with a plaque in appreciation for his sponsorship.

Not too long after the Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 Competition,  Ary Sarkar founded the Global Indian Awards (about) in 2003. The Global Indian Awards recognizes individuals of Indian descent who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the areas of science, commerce, and the arts.

Based off the establishment of the Global Indian Awards and his role in the Mr. and Mrs. India West Coast 2001 competition, Ary Sarkar is proud to serve as one of San-Francisco Bay’s most influential and supportive leaders in the Indian community.

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Excitement Builds for Global Indian Awards

Ary Sarkar is a successful entrepreneur who currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Arable Corporation. He has always made it a priority to recognize and address needs, but not just in the business realm. In 2003 Ary Sarkar felt that India lacked an awards show to recognize excellence in fields such as science, medicine, and technology, and therefore created the Global Indian Awards.

The 1st Global Indian Awards took place on September 27, 2003 and featured appearances from some of Bollywood’s biggest stars (learn more about Bollywood). Ary Sarkar hosted a kick-off event for the program on September 12, 2003 and the event was covered by India’s largest weekly newspaper, India West. The newspaper’s article, titled “Momentum Building for ‘Global Awards’, Beauty Pageant”, featured quotes from Ary Sarkar about why he founded the awards show and what to expect.

Ary Sarkar Global Indian Awards

Ary Sarkar with some of the guests. Sarkar said he was pleased with all the support he was receiving from the community

Ary Sarkar explains that his primary motivation was to provide awards for successful Indians in fields that did not already present awards. He also wanted to recognize excellence by Indians in small countries such as the Fiji Islands, West Indies, Guyana, and South Africa, and hinted that award winners from India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the Middle East, and the United States were all planning to attend. The Global Indian Awards would hand out a total of 16 gold-plated award statues.

Ary Sarkar also decided to combine the Global Indian Awards with the 13th Annual Miss India Worldwide Beauty Pageant. He told India West that he expected 26 contestants to vie for the title by taking part in the show’s evening dress, Indian dress, and talent segments. The talent segment would take place one day before the Global Indian Awards while the other two segments were slated to take place during the Global Indian Awards.

Ary Sarkar ended the kick-off event by explaining that he was thrilled with the support the Global Indian Awards was receiving from Indian community leaders and a wide variety of sponsors.

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